Unlock untapped revenue by turning your contacts into customers

Never miss a sales opportunity again. Champions lets you efficiently track job changes of your customers so you can stay ahead of your competition and capitalize on your warmest prospects.


Of a company’s business comes from existing customers


chance of selling to an existing customer vs a 5-20% chance of selling to a new one


More costly to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones

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Rising CAC is a problem

But in B2B there are limits to upselling across your user base before you hurt renewal.

Meanwhile, cold outreach to reach new prospects, or expand into new accounts, can quickly become expensive and takes time.

But there’s an easier way to grow

Proactive referral selling

Every time one of your warm contacts moves into a new account, you have a one-time opportunity to sell into this new company, from the inside.

Champions notifies you of these important job changes, so you can turn them into revenue –one of the most efficient and direct ways to generate new business.

Only 6% of your customer contacts will let you know they have switched jobs

Even if they love your offer, 94% won’t reach out to you.

So, you can sit back and hope your customer contacts restart a new sales opportunity with you (unlikely).


You can be proactive and reach out to them as soon as they move into a new role.

Stay connected with your customer contacts who switch companies

Champions monitors the job changes, plus signals of intent to move, of your primary contacts at high-value accounts. These leads are automatically updated into your CRM and your sales reps are notified.

So you know the right time to proactively reach out to avoid missing out on sales opportunities with the warmest buyers.

Champions are 2.7x more likely to buy from you

Easy integration

No need to login or download an app. Champions bolts on to your favourite CRM, including Salesforce, PipeDrive, Hubspot, and many others. Getting set up is a breeze.

Track moves and intent

By continuously monitoring your prospects and customer contacts, Champions immediately notifies you when they join a new company or leave a key account, or merely signal intent to move.

Instant lead finding

Champions scans your CRM and instantly highlights hot leads, plus your month on month warm contacts. For example, with 10,000 contacts you can expect 20% to be hot leads –that’s 2,000 right away. Plus 2-3% warm opportunities, a further 200-300 leads, each following month.

Track and unlock the opportunity of your warmest contacts in minutes, not hours.

Prevent Churn and Get Referrals Proactively

Get job change alerts

Champions monitors customer contacts on a weekly or monthly basis to alert you of important job changes. You can proactively reach out to these contacts and help them bring you into their new company. All with only half the sales cycle and a 2.7x higher probability to close compared to any other leads.

Find teams of buyers

ABM is a team sport. Champions can enrich selected accounts with relevant decision makers, so you are able to connect with the wider team responsible for the overall buying decision. Your ABM campaigns stay up to date and are constantly refreshed with the most accurate prospect data.

Save hours on enrichment

To further connect with your contacts, you often need their LinkedIn profile. Champions captures this information quickly and at scale, so you save hours previously spent manually searching for enrichment data.